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Chris Beard

Board Certified Optician
at B&B Shelle Optical

Full-Service Optical Technicians


At B&B Shelle Optical we have experienced, knowledgeable staff to accommodate nearly all optical needs.  We also offer free fitting, adjustment, and nose-pad replacement on all glasses as often as you may need!


  • Patient-specific eyewear fittings and adjustments.

  • ANSI safety approved prescription and non-prescription lenses and frames available

  • Same day basic repair service and nose pad replacement at no charge


On-Site Finishing Labs


We realize the value and importance of your time.  That is why our optical lab technicians maintain finishing equipment to cut lenses on-site at two of our locations; South Chicago Heights and Chicago.  This service creates faster overall turnaround time and convenience for cutting preordered lenses while you wait!   

  • AIT patternless blockers and edgers

  • Lab Tech hand edger and lens polisher

  • Vigor hot air and salt pan frame warmers

  • Proxxon Optical Drill press for rimless mounting

  • Isonic Ultrasonic cleaner

  • BPI lens tinting

  • Bausch & Lomb Lensometer detection and verification


High Quality, Precise Prescriptions


With over 30 years of experience, B&B Shelle Optical has the experience and expertise necessary to produce the highest quality, most precise prescription eyewear.

B & B Shelle Optical

Chicagoland Eye Care

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Sunday:                     Closed

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Wednesday:        10:00AM - 2:00PM

Thursday:                Closed

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Sunday:                       Closed

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