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Eye Exam

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Are you Taking care of your eyes?

Regular eye care is essential!


Common Symptoms You Shouldn't Ignore:

  • Blurry Vision

  • Flashes and Floaters

  • Poor night vision

  • Dry eyes

  • Neck and shoulder pain

  • Problems reading

  • Eye stress and strain, tired eyes

  • Difficulty focusing on objects at distance

  • Difficulty focusing on objects that are near

  • Poor visual acuity (clear, sharp vision), even in broad daylight

  • Increase in the frequency or severity of headaches.

  • Find more symptoms here:  


In children, these signs present themselves as:


  • Sitting close to the television set

  • Holding objects up very close to the face

  • Having trouble seeing the blackboard at school.


Dr. Becker recommends everyone to get their eyes checked at least once a year in order to monitor the health of your eye, which is more than just having good vision.


How to Properly Protect your eyes?   
Click Here for Eye Glass Guide

What should you ask the doctor during your exam?


  • Given my age, eye condition and other risk factors, how often should I have my eyes examined?

  • At what age should I start to schedule my children for regular eye exams?

  • What lens designs and options are a good fit for me?

  • Can my glasses block UV rays?

  • Do all sunglasses protect my eyes from UV rays?

  • What are photochromic lenses and are they a good option for me?

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